If you have found a pet and you do not see your information here send an email to info@lfhanimalalert.org

1. picture of the pet
2. when and where you found the pet
3. does the pet have a collar or tags
4. have you had the pet scanned for a

If you find a pet:
1) Send an email with a picture to Animal Alert! with any details to help this pet home.

2) Take the pet to the nearest vet to be scanned for a microchip!
3) Get the word out to EVERYONE
If you have an animal and can keep it in your home while you look for the owner, please make a Found Pet Report, or go to Petharbor.com.
5) Download the Shadow App on your phone or got to  https://shadowapp.com/. Post that you have found a pet, cat or dog. Shadow is a free community-led app that reunites lost dogs in greater Dallas-Fort Worth.
6) Post on Facebook on the several lost and found pages.
7)Go to Nextdoor.com or download the app and post on Nextdoor.
8) Post Flyers
9) Call or leave flyers at all Vets in the area.
10) E-mail all neighbor's and neighborhood association.

Animal Alert


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